Often times, an unruly dog creates havoc because they are bored due to excess energy, a lack of structure and focus.

Bare Bones Dog Training provides hands on training for you and your pet, creating a safe place to learn how best to work with your dog.

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Rest is important too

Mission Statement

Together, their mission is to ensure that any dog can stay in its home, without the prospect of shelter life.

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The Team

Twyla Smith

is both founder and Head Trainer for Bare Bones Dog Training. She has 6+ years of animal experience working both paid and volunteer positions at humane societies in the Niagara Region. Through an apprenticeship, she has been specializing in obedience training and rehabilitation for over two years.

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Radar O’Riely

acts as Bare Bones demo dog by day and general lazy bones by night. She was adopted by Twyla from Pets Alive Niagara. In their two years together, they have learned and grown with each other. The pair have never been happier.

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Kat Rind

our editor, is a future veterinary technician with an affinity for words and a love of animals! She adopted Twyla as a stray in 2015, when they met through their mutual association of the local humane society, of which Kat has worked and volunteered for, in various capacities, since she was 14.

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