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Always A Gift, Never A Present

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If you’re thinking of adding a new furry friend to the family, make sure you’re compatible before picking them up! 

We can compare getting a dog to buying a book. When we walk into a bookstore, we usually head straight for the genre that best suits us; we always know if we’re looking for reference books, fiction, young adult, horror. But first, we pick the bookstore. Sometimes we need to go to the big flashy brand name store, but there’s also the independently owned bookstore, and our online options. Next we choose the book and as any good reader knows, you never choose a book by its cover! We’ll spend a little time reading the back and maybe even the first chapter before committing to taking that book home, looking at you, fellow aisle readers! 

When we look at the dogs, think of breed as their genre, breeder or rescue organization as the bookstore, and spending a little time with each dog, asking questions about their individual personalities is a bit like reading the back. 

Consider the following when looking for a new pet. The activity level of your life, do you work a lot? When you get home, do you want to head right back out for a walk or do you want to flop down on the couch? Some dog breeds require more exercise than others. Make sure you’re taking into account your living situation, some breeds are better suited to apartment living than others; don’t assume that because the dog is small, they would be better in an apartment, or don’t need as much work as larger dogs. When dogs are bored, that’s when destructive behavior starts. For example, if you live in an apartment building but aren’t matching the energy levels of your Jack Russel, you may start receiving barking complaints from neighbors. Your belongings may be destroyed and your bored pet may cause property damage as well. 

Vet bills should be largely considered as well, since some breeds have more health concerns than others. For instance, German Shepherds are predisposed to hip dysplasia, and pugs come with sinus problems. 

Don’t forget about the furry friends that are already in your family. Some breeds have been bred specifically to chase and hunt other, small animals. Considering the prey drive of an animal is very important, as is the ability of all your pets to cohabitate under the same roof. 

Not sure where to start? Try these breed personality quizzes! They’ll ask you a few questions about your lifestyle, including some of what we’ve already discussed, and pair you with three breeds that best match your answers. As with all personality tests, it’s best to be honest! 

  1. https://dogtime.com/quiz/dog-breed-selector
  2. https://www.iams.com/breedselector/

 If you’re thinking of adopting instead of going to a breeder, pair your breed test with this adoption personality test. It will help get you in contact with dogs who are in need of new homes and match your answers.

Now that you know what breed you’re looking for, remember each dog has a different personality. When you go to the breeder or the rescue of your choice, spend a little time with the dog, consider going more than once, ask the breeder or staff personality questions that would reflect the personality that best reflects yours. Which ones are most vocal? Which one likes to play the most? Which one gets along best with the other puppies?

There’s lots to consider when picking a new puppy. Take your time and don’t get overwhelmed.

Clifford’s Creek Park was fun! There is lots of open space with a paved walking path, a jungle gym, and basketball court; lots of opportunities for different types of environment socialization. The park is far from traffic but busy with people; it really depends what you’re in the mood for, the options are there for you.

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