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Getting Ready For The Cold

Even though it doesn’t seem like it recently, we get cold winters that many dogs are unable to cope with. We can prepare ourselves for those bitter cold days by making sure our dog is comfortable and safe.

If your dog doesn’t have a coat of their own, make sure you buy them one. Short haired dogs and dogs without undercoats don’t do very well, for very long in our winters. 

Before you take them for a walk, look to see how much salt has been put down on the sidewalks and how recently. Their feet are unprotected and will succumb to chemical burns from the de-icer. Ensure you are using pet safe salt on your own property so your dog has at least one spot to be able to go each and every time. Boots will help protect your dog’s feet not only from the salt, but from the ice and cold; look into products like invisible boot cream also, for additional options. And when you get home wipe them off to remove any build up.

Familiarize yourself with the signs of hypothermia, such as shivering, shallow breathing, weak pulse, and acting lethargic. Frostbite in dogs show all the same signs as we do; discolored skin, swelling, or blistering could indicate frostbite, especially if you aren’t using boots. Be sure to check their feet for frostbite after each walk.
When you are out on your walk keep your eyes peeled for antifreeze. Antifreeze can build up in driveways and on roads from cars leaking and accidental spills. The extremely toxic chemical in antifreeze is ethylene glycol and only a few tablespoons can cause your dogs kidneys to fail. Symptoms of antifreeze poisoning will largely depend upon the time when your dog ingested the poison. Visit the pet poison help line web page for more information on antifreeze poisoning.

Jaycee Park is massive, it covers a large area and has a great view of the water. This is the ideal spot for any level of training. This is a trainer’s paradise. Footbridges, walking paths, green spaces, and the proximity to traffic make this park ideal for daily use. There are so many different areas of the park you could easily switch up your route and not have to take the same one everyday. Boredom is not an option here!

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