Radar's Recon

Radar’s Recon

Radar O’Reilly is a Shepherd Terrier mix who was brought to Ontario from Kentucky by Niagara Pet Rescue in 2018 when she was 2 years old, shortly after I adopted her.

Our first ever picture together

It took a little persuasion as the paperwork that came from the US shelter said “no cats” and I lived with two, but I convinced them I could get the issue under control, and with a fair amount of time, love, patience and a little food she no longer gives chase. That wasn’t the only struggle that came with adopting an older dog. When Ray first came she was suspicious of people and loud noises and she loves to run and explore, she would be under the fence and gone in a heartbeat and like most shelter dogs she had little to no manners, but with some TLC and a few new rules that, like any teenager, she wasn’t too fond of at first, we began to grow as individuals and as a team.

Radar and the brave Pumpkin

Now we want to start sharing what we’ve learned with other dog owners that want to be a better leader to their companion. I will be posting about local parks, training tips, and the occasional safety wanting that could save your pets life.

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