On Leash Training

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Loose Leash Heeling


Includes: Four private lessons, one hour each

You will learn the art of keeping your dog walking behind you with slack in the leash

Novice Obedience Training


Includes: Eight private lessons, one hour each during which you and your dog will learn a variety of basic commands

Week 1 Orientation – A video chat about the ins and outs of dog training. *This lesson could run 2 hours

Week 2 Sit at heel and Release – Your dog will learn to sit calmly beside you until you deem it safe to move

Week 3 Loose leash heeling – Your dog will start learning to keep his/her head up and eyes on you

Week 4 Down at heel – Laying down because they want to is one thing, doing it because they have to is another

Week 5 Stand and Sit stay – Give your groomer and vets a brake, your dog will learn to stand still on all four feet while being touched

Week 6 Down stay – Just because I can do something sitting doesn’t mean I can do it laying down

Week 7 Come when called and Out – The two big life savers. Don’t leave it to chance, teach your dog what to do BEFORE you need it

Week 8 Test Day! – You and your dog will be tested on all the skills you have learned

Your dog must be a minimum of 4-months-old before joining this level course

Intermediate Obedience Training


Includes: Eight private lessons, one hour each

These lessons are intended for Novice graduates who would like to expand their tools, vocabulary, distances, times, start working hands and leash free and to ensure their dog’s basic commands are distraction proof. If you have not previously trained with Bare Bones, you and your dog will be subject to a skill test.

BONUS: At the end of the six-week program, graduates are given a FREE 1-Year Membership to our weekly Pack Walks for continued learning and development of skills. Our Bare Bones Pack Walks are 1-hour in duration. Location and Pack size of our walks will vary