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But It’s Raining!

“It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring.”

Don’t let the rain keep you and your furry friend inside! Unless it’s pouring or there’s a chance of lightning, there’s no reason you and your dog can’t head on outside for a little training walk. 

Here are our recommendations to improve this experience:

Rain Coat

You should both have one! No one wants to walk cold and damp; having a good raincoat for you both will keep you a warm, stylish pair. Also, having a raincoat for your dog will cut down on the wet dog smell!


Sometimes we forget about our do’s feet in the rain because it isn’t an extreme temperature. But once the water soaks through their fur, it will start sapping your dog’s body heat. Proper footwear can help them retain their heat and prevents a large, messy cleanup on your return home.


Even if your dog is sporting all that gear, they will still come home a little wet. Have a towel ready at the door for when you get home so that you can wipe your dog off right away. This prevents having to clean up doggy footprints and will help them warm back up. 

Watch your energy level 

Keep the energy level low when working in the rain. Games like fetch, hide and seek, even a little jogging could lead to a slip and fall or more serious injury. 

If you’re still unsure about heading out into the rain, here are some activities you can do inside the house.

Scent work

Take a few boxes or clean coffee cans then hide a few treats or a toy in one and let your dog find it. After a few successful rounds, so your dog knows what to look for, you can flip the containers over to make it harder, this will allow them to use only their nose. 


If you have access to them, stairs are a great way to burn energy quickly. Just remember, quick up, slow down. Most injuries happen when we lose control on the way down.

Under, over, and through

Under and over can be accomplished with just your legs, no fancy equipment needed! Simply sit on the floor with your feet against a wall and encourage your dog to walk over your legs. Don’t reward them if they cheat and go around. Then lift your legs and lure them under with a treat. 

For through, you can find an old box or set up two chairs and a blanket, make a tunnel. Leave your dog at one end with someone, or on a stay, then go to the other side and call them through. 

Don’t forget to give your pets some extra love on rainy days!

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