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5 Bad Behaviours And Why


Jumping is how dogs will greet each other and this is something they’ll do when they’re excited to see you. Sitting prevents jumping. If you don’t like your dog jumping on you, tell them to sit before they have the opportunity to get their feet off the ground. Remember though, jumping can also be a taught behaviour. Rewarding them with praise and love when you get home, will only make them jump up more.


Dogs dig out of boredom, to hide resources, or to find them. To keep your dog from digging up your flower bed, provide them with their own digging sandbox or a designated spot. Keeping the collar and longline on in the backyard may help the transition from flower bed to sandbox be more smooth until your dog understands that it’s okay to dig in its designated spot. In this case, the longline is to help redirect your dog to its proper play area.

Chasing or Herding 

Dogs chase or herd other animals because it ignites their prey drive, they find it fun, it might be their job, and for some, it’s how they survive. Fast movements can ignite this behavior; if you don’t want your dog chasing family members, remember basic indoor rules, slow down, no running in the house. If what they’re chasing is the family cat, make sure you have the leash and collar on, you can stop the behaviour the moment it happens. The dog won’t chase the cat if they hit an invisible wall every time they try. For best results, keep your hand on the leash at all times.


Chewing is how dogs explore the world; they feel with their mouth. Chewing also keeps the jaw strong and boredom and anxiety to a minimum. This isn’t a behaviour that you should stop but rather, redirect them to a good chew toy. If you’re having problems with the dog chewing on table legs or baseboards, make sure the leash and collar are on so you can interrupt your dog’s behaviour before showing them something good to chew on. You don’t want to show them the toy while they’re chewing or they’ll assume that chewing your shoes is good, and you’ll bring them something better when they do it.

Nipping and Mouthing 

This is how puppies play with other puppies. If your dog is biting you, there’s a possibility it was taken from the mother too soon, leaving her unable to teach bite inhibition. Your behaviour could, inadvertently, be teaching your dog that using its mouth to play is good. Roughhousing and allowing them to put their mouth on you, even just sometimes, will cause your dog to think they can get away with it every time. There’s a good chance the dog could be bored if they’re starting to bite, it might be time to go outside for a walk or a game of fetch. Remember to interrupt bad behaviour first, then redirect to the new good behaviour; going outside to play or telling them to sit, then give them a calm, slow petting to relax their mind.

Remember a tired dog is a well behaved dog!

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